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5 Ways to live more Creatively & Passionately

1. Go Offline

Spend a little more time in the physical world doing hands on activities! I just bought a Kayak and am so excited about it- but anything from a walk, skateboard, swim, surf, DIY Project, Planting, painting, creating, traveling playing ETC.

2. Reminisce on your past

One of the things I love about music is that I can listen to an old song and it takes me back to that time. When you do such things as listen to old music, or look at old pictures, it can bring up emotions and memories driving more passion into your everyday.

3. Learn to play an instrument

If you don't already, choose an instrument you are interested in and start watching some YouTube Tutorial videos today! Learning an instrument not only trains your mind for patience, determination, and focus...learning to play your favorite songs can also be a form of managing your emotions in a healthy way : - )

4. Spread positivity doing something you love

Whatever it is you enjoy doing, there are always ways you can share that love, help, or inspire others with your knowledge, or just connect with people in general! Creating a Social Media page for something you're passionate about, is the perfect first step to create this space and grow with it...

5. Write down 5 things you are grateful for everyday

Here's mine for today:

1. My Art Business

2. Fresh Air

3. Mac n Cheese

4. My mom, boyfriend, friends and family (oops that's more than 5)

5. YOU for reading this! :)


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