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Art Studio Tour - My Small Creative Space

Something that REALLY helped my motivation in my art business was designing a clean, comfortable, organized, space to create in. I went from painting on my bedroom floor (making a MESS), to my kitchen table (making a MESS), to the floor in my den (again, making a mess.)

And when I say MESS I mean splattered paint, stained tablecloth and carpet, cuts of paper all over the floor, messy paint water dripping here and there, REALLY JUST AN ART MURDER SCENE. Now why would I want to keep creating if every time I created this was my outcome? a friggen mess.

That's when I finally decided to set up a table in my den (which is basically a small corner). I set up a bucket for my paints. A few months later, I added in some shelving. I organized all my materials from paint to brushes, glue, paint spray, glue guns, ribbon, glitter and more. I began organizing my Vinyl Records which in my case are my canvases! I organized them in a way I could easily flip through them.

Final details: I added some pictures of paintings from one of my favorite art magazines Flow: yet another source of motivation:) and a ton of fairy lights. Before I knew it, I was in a beautiful, comfy, happy place I could create art in and not make the biggest mess ever and be happy with my outcomes!!!

It helped my motivation because with creation didn't come mess and chaos anymore, it became more organization, focus and productivity.

My white board and my Apple Computer Desktop and printer are the tools I have to keep organized. Having the computer right there in my space is so helpful. When I have ideas I can go to print right there. When I need to look up order details, emails, or work on some marketing I can do it in between letting my art work dry or what not.

As for the whiteboard- yes I was that kid that ran up in class to write answers on the white board simply because I thought it was fun. Now I have one in my art space for multiple reasons:

  1. I can track all my orders in this physical format- always there to be referred to. Although I have all the information online, I use my phone for SO many other things so it's nice to have the information right in front of me, instead of opening tabs, closing apps, and finding pictures while my phone is dying or while I'm trying to use it for something else like messaging customers.

  2. I can brainstorm my design ideas on the board as well. Here they can easily be edited or erased. I didn't realize I would be using the white board for this. I originally got it just to track orders, but now that I have it, it's helped SO MUCH. Even if it is just scribbles on a board, it is so important to get your ideas out of your brain and onto a physical platform so u don't go crazaaaaaay

Watch my YouTube video to see my studio in FULL :)


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