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How to Bring out your Inner Hippie in 10 eye-opening ways

I lived in the most northern part of New Hampshire for 4 years. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bring out a little hippie in me. The air seemed fresher, the people realer, the foliage redder, the snow whiter...and that’s what I believe the hippie spirit is all about- seeing the world in a new and beautiful way.

I'm not a huge history person, but there's one era I could read into for days. The 1960’s and 70’s are remembered in America as the hippie generation.

Let's state the obvious facts that this class of kiddos (not actual kiddos) were known for using drugs like LSD and other hallucinogenics BUT I will not be promoting drugs of any kind in this how-to. Rather I will be listing ways that you can embody the freedom, confidence, and impact that the Hippie Generation had through healthy habits and mind set. Sooo starting off on a strong point:

#1. Fight for your Right

Whatever that right may be. Whatever is important to you. The hippies of the 70's were strong advocates of world peace ✌️ ☮️ They were heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement and putting an end to the Vietnam war. But if it's not the Vietnam war you fight to end, let it be your own war. Maybe it’s an inner war with your self confidence. Maybe you want equal pay at your work. Maybe you want the right for females to have a football team at your school. Maybe you think males should be more accepted in the beauty industry. WHATEVERRR it is- just named these at the literal top of my head. Long story short is fight for your right.

#2. Have confidence in your self + your body

During events like Woodstock, it wasn't surprising to see naked people flailing around, listening to their favorite musicians and just enjoying the moment 🎶 You know how many people in that moment were worried about how big their ass looked or that their lips weren't as plump as the next girl? Uh probably NONE. So embrace the moment & drop the insecurity. Not saying this is in any way easy or can happen overnight. But if you vow to reset your thoughts on this, overtime you will notice a change in your confidence.

#3. Change your eating habits

Going off of body confidence, it will be helpful to change some eating habits to truly enjoy that confidence. That confidence that you are treating your body with what it needs to be strong and healthy. Whatever that means to you is what's important. Whatever food you find fulfilling, empowering, and necessary for your strength is the food you should be eating. Start thinking of food as fuel for your body. Hippies specifically had such strong environmental beliefs that many chose to eat organically to sustain themselves and the planet.

#4. Girl go ahead, Let your hair down

(Literally and metaphorically) & maybe try less make up too 🤷‍♀️ Same for guys.

#5. Take a Road Trip 🚗

Kesey and The Merry Pranksters were a large community of like-minded people in the Cali and Oregon area. They would take epic road trips in bright colored school bus's to lands unknown. The main thing to take away from this if you can't commit to a road trip- be spontaneous. You don't need a plan for everything you do. Most of life's greatest adventures are the ones that aren't planned out. Technology definitely makes it easy to plan things down to the minute, but that doesn't mean you can't take chances. If anything, it means you can take those chances even more.

#6. Flower Child Mind Set 🌸

The flower child = the evolution of social change. The “flower child” decided to break from their parent's chains and do what they truly wanted and believed in. It's easy to feel like you have to do certain things to make other people in your life happy. But like a flower child- 2020 will be the year of living for yourself.

#7. Woodstock it!- Experience Peace + Music 🎵

The 3 days of peace and music that 500,000 people from all over the world came to experience, can be something you implement in your every day life. Whether it is taking the time to really listen to and dissect a song, learn to play an instrument, or watch a documentary on your favorite musician. Whether it is taking time out of your day to meditate, go to a yoga class or whatever it is that (safely) brings you some peace.

#8. Protect the Environment

It was hippie culture that inspired the pro-environment movement, including the establishment of Earth Day in 1970 🌍 ❣️ Some may mock them as tree huggers, but the hippies' culture led to the philosophy of taking care of the Earth through recycling, organic food, vegetarianism and forest preservation. Make this a priority in ways that are meaningful and feel right to you. If you're good to the universe it will be good back to you!!

#9. Attend more Concerts + Music or Arts Festivals

We learned from Woodstock that bringing together a community that has the same interests as you can be a very powerful thing.

One of the most amazing things about attending a concert is the fact that you're surrounded by people that have the same feelings and emotions as you and channel them in the same way. If it's not with a concert it can be with an art festival, convention or any other type of event that brings your community together.

#10. Let Art and Creativity into your life

In whatever way would interest you- get some creative thinking going on! 🎨 🎺 🏌️‍♀️ 🚲 📖 📚

BONUS TIP *Find joy in little things*😎


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