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A Few Thoughts on MANIFESTATION!

OKKKKK let me start off by saying...I believe fully in Manifestation without even having the full success and experience of it. I haven’t had that experience or light bulb moment because I only recently starting learning more about Manifestation...but it has always been there.

I believe in it because I believe that your life is created by your thoughts and your thoughts have SO MUCH POWER!!! People can say: it’s luck, it’s your past, it’s your capabilities, it’s the way you’re born but it’s not... because you have complete power over your thoughts and as a result, a complete power over your actions which lead you to where you go in life.

[[[[[BTW I just finished watching "the secret" on Netflix and my thoughts are now racing! HENCE this rant]]]]]

So some people have trouble understanding their thoughts right? Some people lie to themselves, tell themselves things that aren’t true...maybe thoughts that have been cultivated by society. & if you’re one of those people that have trouble understanding your thoughts because they can be so clouded by others views and need to tap into your feelings.

FEELINGS are a result of your thoughts and your feelings don’t lie to you like your thoughts can. Your feelings are easier to dissect than your thoughts. When you think about the typical therapist line of “how do you feel about that?” you can kind of begin to understand that that’s their way of jumping into your mind.

SOOOOOOOO what does this have to do with anything? Well this is how you’re going to shape your life by understanding your thoughts and feelings. Because what you think becomes you’re reality. If you spill your coffee first thing in the morning and think "shit the start to a horrible day" then guess what -you will have a horrible day because you’ve told your mind that. If you choose to instead recognize the good (maybe you spilled your coffee but you also got to catch the sun peaking through the clouds first thing in morning) then the rest of your day will be positive.

What do you really want? -Is a question you should be asking yourself as a part of Manifesting.

Notes I took on the Law of Attraction

An affirmative thought is much more powerful than a negative one.

Creative process of the Law of Attraction

  1. ASK- write it down what you want in all areas of life (relationships, money, career, personal goals, mental goals etc.)

  2. Believe- that it’s already yours!

  3. Receive- feel the way you will feel when it arrives (how happy or accomplished will you feel!?)

Don't doubt and act on opportunities that come your way!

I also made multiple notes about "shifting your energy" so maybe think about what shifting your energy could mean to you...

Practicing gratitude is a highly recommended practice that could help with that energy shift. I started writing down one thing I am grateful for every day. I KNOW it seems stupid but you HAVE to trick your mind into thinking about what you have vs. what you don't have.

VISUALIZATION is another huge part of Manifestation. Next month, I am going to be working on a Vision Board Vinyl Piece! This is going to be a vision board about where I would like to see myself and WHAT I would like to see myself accomplishing. That video will be up on my YouTube Channel so subscribe if you're interested in seeing that upcoming video!

More random notes I took while watching that Netflix documentary:

  • You control your happiness

  • Focus on what you want and have- NOT on what you don’t want or don't have


so start paying attention to your thoughts and feelings CORRECT them if they’re out of line, wrong, negative, or old habits.

Stay positive and start Manifesting!


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